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Studies show a direct correlation in homeownership and economic mobility. With our people-driven approach we have helped over 50 families achieve homeownership since 2021. We are dedicated to helping individuals in our community become equitable members of society by taking advantage of our affordability aspect; while also being able to sustain with our resources and success measures within our program.

To be efficient in our community revitalization and redevelopment efforts we utilize our unique approach to community development; which has proven to be effective due to the grassroots involvement of community members and collaborative efforts. Our key components to our development strategy are as follows:

  1. Provide human service programming that prepares residents for home purchase and sustainability including resource pooling, credit repair, and financial education.

  2. Develop safe quality affordable single family homes and mixed income communities

  3. Work alongside local municipalities and community stakeholders to diversify housing stock and increase housing equity.

Contact us below to learn more about the resources we have available to get you into homeownership.

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